First out-of-country flight experience

16 November 2011

My son’s first ever trip out of the country happened last Sunday. Riding an airplane is not new to him, he’s been in a lot of domestic flights - his first one was when he was 4-months old. But an airplane for international flights, which is bigger and has more seats than the domestic plane that he’s used to, amazed him.


We took a Cathay Pacific flight bound for Hong Kong at 6:30 early morning of November 13. Yes, you got it right - we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. 

 cathay pacific tv


He brought a new book with him, “Just in case I get bored during the 2-hour flight, Mama”, but he never read it during the flight because he was busy playing some games and watching cartoon shows on the audio and video entertainment available on board.


That’s my son’s first international flight. Will have more stories about our exciting first day.


Teaser: he got lost in Hong Kong Disneyland.


bechay said...

Post some photos please:) I wish I could afford to bring my nephews and nieces in Hongkong Disneyland. That's my dream :)

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