Christmas Gifts for RJ’s Teachers

19 November 2011

I have to admit that I am not a big giver when it comes to Christmas gifts. Especially to those who are just mere acquaintances like RJ’s teachers and classmates. A sticker booklet for each of his 40 classmates and  desk name plates for his teachers will already debit a few thousands on my bank account.

desk name tag

But that’s the cheapest that I can think of, so those will do for this year. If I’m a 10-year old boy and I get an angry bird booklet with more than a hundred stickers, which is quite popular these days, I’ll jump with joy. And I do need a nameplate that I can put on my desk if I’m a teacher, right?

So there, no more problem for RJ’s Christmas gifts for teachers and classmates.

Next: for family and friends.


simply kim said...

hmmm.. not bad. really, it's something..

a visit from kimmy!

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