11 October 2011

Here I am again, confused whether to homeschool RJ or not. He’s a very smart boy but his report card last quarter made my heart sink when I saw it. His grades are better than more than half of his class but, still, it was way down below my expectation.


If I homeschool him, he’ll have more time for sports, art and music class. And we’ll also have time to travel. He’ll learn more things outside of the classroom than inside the classroom. And maybe we can stay in the province for good, pollution here in the city is very bad. We can stay in a different province every month or two. Maybe we can buy park models, we can bring our house anywhere we like.

Sounds fun!

But first things first. I have to decide first whether I have the patience to teach my son 24/7.


Chris said...

my important is to know why you are homsechooling him and then you can decide and follow through the whole school year :)

Chris said...

i meant most important! :D

MoM from Manila said...

seems that we are on the same boat about homeschooling!i still have 5 more months to contemplate regarding homeschool...

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