What's your favorite brown food?

14 July 2011

My son RJ has lots of favorite brown food. Fried chicken tops the list followed by bacon. I'm thankful and proud of him that he doesn't like eating chicken skin. I only buy lean bacon because he doesn't like eating anything that has fat on it. Healthy eating at 10 years old, hopefully he'll also start liking the taste of vegetables. 

birthday party

And he loves eating chips and cheese sticks also. I've just realized that most of the food that he requested for his birthday party are all brown. 

So what's your favorite brown food?

thursday brownies


kat said...

my 10 year old son only eats squash. His favs are also fried chicken, fried pork chop but not the fats part.

Ang daming handa, yum!...was here anyway for Thursday Brownies.

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