How far can you run?

14 July 2011

RJ is joining a 10K run this coming Sunday. Yes, 10K. It's actually a buddy run and he partnered with his Dad. They were supposed to do 5K but his dad registered them for the 10K run. If RJ decides to not finish the race, his dad will get disqualified too. Since it's a buddy run, they're supposed to cross the finish line together.

Robinson's Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run July 17, 2011

They practiced today in a track oval near the house. RJ looked like he's powered by defective cell batteries. After doing two laps, he was already tired. Hopefully it's just for today. We went straight to the track oval from school so it's understandable that he's tired.

If he's like that on the day of the run, I wonder how they'll finish at least 5 kilometers of the 10 kilometer run? Goodluck to them on Sunday.


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