UPLB's Baker Hall

06 May 2011

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University of the Philippines, Baker Hall

You're looking at Baker Hall. If you're a student or you've graduated from University of the Philippines at Los Banos, I'm sure you're familiar with this place. This is one of the oldest building in the university and serves as the campus gymnasium.

Baker Hall was named after Charles Fuller Baker. He was the Dean of Agriculture during the pre-war era. The building serves as a Japanese Internment camp during World War II where 2,500 Filipino and American soldiers suffered for 2 years. The prisoners were released on February 23, 1945 when Hunter's ROTC Guerillas (an irregular military unit) seized and finally took control of the Japanese camp.

I was once a student of UPLB. Whenever we visit, my son swims in the pool. Can you spot him in the picture?


peachkins said...

So that's the famous Baker hall!

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