the 9 year old architect

05 May 2011

My 9 year old son RJ found this construction playset at Toy Kingdom, during SM Megamall's 3-day sale, last week. It's called "Pirate Fortress", a brick making and fortress building kit. This pirate building kit is not just for kids because older boys will surely enjoy this construction playset as well.

building plan

The kit includes : 2 bags of plaster powder, 2 bags of glue, mixing bowl, measuring cup, level chart, brick mould, carving tool, trowel, brush, paint, 8 pirates, 1 set of fortress scene accessories, popsicle sticks, building plan and instructions with fun facts. 

Pirate Fortress by 4M

RJ was busy the whole day being an architect. He and his cousin, Ms. F, watched their construction worker, Lolo N, mold batch after batch of plaster powder, mixed with water, into rectangular, square and curved bricks.

The molding of bricks are not yet finished. I, or maybe I can ask my cousin, will help them finish molding all the bricks tomorrow because Lolo needs to go to work. From then on, RJ can do the next steps by himself. Of course with the help of the Assistant Architect Ms. F. They have to glue everything together by following the construction plan. Once they're done with the tower, they then have to build the pier flooring using the popsicle sticks.

This toy will truly test their patience.

By the way, it's priced at around eight hundred Philippine pesos during the sale period. I searched online and found an online store that sell it for $30.


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