rj's 8th birthday

15 April 2011

I was looking for RJ's 9th birthday pictures but I can't find a single one. I may have downloaded the pictures that's not labeled properly. I will look for it later.

Here's a post originally published on 2009 June 22:
Today is my son's 8th birthday. He asked me to wake him up at 12 midnight, so I prepared something that will make it memorable. I cut out a big "8" out of a sliced bread, the first one looked like a snowman with a small head so I made another one. I spread Hershey's syrup on the bread and this is how it looked like =)

RJ can barely sit up. He just blew the candle before the "happy birthday" song was even finished and went right back to sleep.

When I woke him up at 5am to prepare for school (service picks him up at 6am), he saw the bread with the candle and asked me if I woke him up at midnight. He didn't even remember blowing the candle =)

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Sarah A. said...

Cute! :)

Happy Mommy Moments!

Here’s my MoMo entry: http://sarahalconcel.blogspot.com/2011/04/momo-celebrating-birthdays.html

Sarah A.

caroline said...

you are one sweet mom! ;) and you have a binata na.. so cool!

life is so great and birthdays are reminder for us to cherish it more.

happy mm!

Pinx said...

you made me smile with that... he didn't even remember if he blew the candle. i bet he was all groggy. visiting your MM entry! hope you can drop by mine too!

Mommy Jes said...

ahhahahaha!!! he didnt remember? ahahhaha buti may photo ka :D


thmls for dropping by :D

chubskulit said...

That's very creative manay hehehe. GandA!

STEF said...

You're creatively sweet Mommy! Good job!
Please also check out my entry . Thanks! Happy MM.

christina said...

so funny yet so sweet! pag laki nya makita nya birthday photo nya nagblow cya ng cake ng natutulog hahaha!

Mel Cole said...

Aww, creative mom you are sis. :) He sure is enjoying it. My Mommy Moments Hope you can visit mine too.

January said...

hehehe.. that's cute..:)

Came in late for Mommy Moments here’s My MM

Cheerful said...

nice story...very cute little surprise! have a great weekend! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

simply kim said...

oh! that was so sweet!

Pepper said...

That is just so sweet! what a great idea! I'll try doing that for my daughter next year...just surprise her with a number6, carved from simple white bread :). I'm sure RJ loved that.

here's my entry http://pepperrific.com/2011/04/mommy-moments-and-she-turns-five/

Chris said...

nice cake!!! :D happy mommy moments!

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