RJ the blogger

12 April 2011

I wasn't able to go online this morning. Even if I wasn't busy with household chores, I still can't use my netbook anyway. RJ asked me, out of the blue while eating breakfast, if he can go online to check and update his blog. I was more than happy to let him use my netbook, if and only if he will update his blog and not play online, instead of him watching tv or playing nintendo or psp the whole day. It will help him improve his grammar and writing skills so I said yes.

my baby blogger
 He created his own blog a few months back but never opened it again. I was so happy that he finally decided to write his first post. He also changed his blog's layout. He's into warcraft these days so it's no surprise that he chose a warcraft theme for his blog.

I am inviting you all to please follow and link up Kid's Island. He'll get more motivated, to write everyday, if he see more followers instead of just me - his mom.


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