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29 April 2011

RJ's favorite bonding time with me is playing chess. I taught him how to move each of the pieces when he was 7 years old. From then on he always tries to find the time to play chess with me. Usually when he's not busy with other things or right before bedtime.


He very smart, tricky actually. He knows the right time to play when he will surely beat me. So he usually challenge me to a game of chess when he knows that I'm not in the mood to play.

But he's really good, he's very smart, there are days when I actually am in the mood to beat him in chess but he still wins. If your child is into video and handheld games, buy a chess board. It's a good exercise for the mind and a good diversion from those gadgets that kids love playing these days.

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carinamodella said...

very smart 7 year old boy to play chess at a young age...visiting from mommy moments

Cecile said...

they said that chess is a game for smart people :-)

DadEngrMommmyLES said...

wow.playing chess at a very young age..future grand master of chess. here is my Black and White

STEF said...

My daughter Keanna wants to learn to play chess. BTW, hope you can check this out:

STEF said...

This one's nice!
Here is my MM entry. Please also check this out:

Simply Dyes said...

great bonding time!

Please look at my B/W world. You are welcome at my STREET anytime.

Have a great mommy weekend!

 gmirage said...

ahaha...stay awake mommy! great take on the theme...I hope to play with your little one some time! ;)


chubskulit said...

Chess master in the making.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

wow! he must be very smart to learned how to play this at an early age.

MommyMoments:Black & White

simply kim said...

hahaha! i can play chess, but I'm not good, lol! you may want to check MINE..

Chris said...

rj is really smart! :D i think it is time to teach my daughter how to play it too :d

caroline said...

note to self: teach kids chess. thanks sis for this awesome entry

got so late in our entry but can't miss MM: here's our link:

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