summer activities

17 January 2011

I can't believe that summer is just around the corner. Last summer, RJ enrolled in drawing class at Museo Pambata. Although the teacher was a very good childrens book illustrator, the class was not appropriate for RJ because it was designed for preschoolers. I want to enroll RJ in various sports, arts and other activities this summer vacation.
That was actually my plan last summer and I already started calling even before RJ's summer break began. The problem was that the schedule of classes, for the activities that RJ was interested to enroll in, were not prepared yet. When I was able to get the schedule, they all coincide with each other. So RJ ended up enrolling in drawing class only.

This early, I will try to find out all available sports and art schools near our house. I will try to fix RJ's summer activities well. I will have to practice driving because riding a taxi can be very frustrating at times.


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