mommy moments #4

14 January 2011

Because RJ loves to read all kinds of books, he got lots of it for Christmas. From comic books to almanacs and how-to books, you name it, he has it. But before he can show it to his friends, I made sure I wrap it with plastic first. I am a book-collector, another term for bookworm?, myself. I don't want his I-don't-care-if-I handle-this-book-without-care friends to destroy his new books. I care so much about books, I wrap every single book that enter my house. Yes, even the tiniest books!

more books

And because he's a Ben 10 fan, more Ben 10 toys as well.

Ben 10

But not without this reminder from Santa.

lovenote from Santa

"Santa" left the note 4 days before Christmas. I saw my niece's crayons on her study desk so I used it to make the note. When they saw the note on the christmas tree, my niece asked me, "Did Santa use my crayons and paper?".


LesleyanneYP said...

Books are always a nice gift to give our children. With so much technology, kids tend to forget about books and spend more time browsing the internet. happy weekend!

chubskulit said...

I love the note from Santa part hehehe. Bookish pala anak mo manay!

Great stuff!

I know I am late but hope you can still peek at my Mommy Moment entry.

the all-around mom said...

Wow, Ben10 comics and toys! my kids love Ben10, yes, even my girls they're big fans of Ben10.

Chris said...

cool collection of books there! glad you joined us this week at mommy moments again! :D happy mommy moments!

simply kim said...

wow! we love BEN 10! and we love books, too!

Babiesaandcontests said...

really nice stuff.

our post is here:

imriz said...

wow, so many books. when i was a kid i always dream of buying all the books in a bookstore (my parents couldn't afford to buy aside fr textbooks)

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