picky eater's special request

12 January 2011

My son is a very picky eater. It might have something to do with what I prepare for him to eat. I try not to cook hotdog, corned beef, spam and other canned goods that kids his age loves to eat. Vegetables and fruits are a must in our daily meal. He does eat fruits, but vegetable is synonymous to yucky for him. Ask him how to suppress appetite and he'll surely say "vegetable on the table".

He's been requesting for a Kimbap for two weeks already. So tonight, I am going to prepare that for dinner. I'll make some california maki as well. I'll just put a thin layer of rice because I don't want carbo-overload on my already unwanted love handles!


Beth said...

Your son sounds like my daughter. It's hard to get her to put anything green in her mouth! I found this site http://childrenandbabiesnoteating.com/index.html that had a lot of info on kids who don't eat. It has a lot of information, and I thought it was helpful, but I'm still trying to figure it all out.

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