library or sports center

14 January 2011

My son is a certified bookworm. He has a vast collection of books and magazines. I can't say no whenever he wants to buy a new book because I myself love books.

Recently he doesn't go to the library anymore whenever he still has some free time after recess and lunch. He spends the remaining time in the sports center playing tag, basketball or soccer with his friends.
I can't help but tell him, "You're missing out on the new books in the library."

Geronimo Stilton
geronimo stilton books; one of RJ's favorite
He assured me that I shouldn't worry that he's losing interest in books. He reads in the house, even in the bathroom! So I should just let him spend more time in the sports center, after school, because he also needs to exercise. Playing soccer, table tennis and running around in the sports center will make up for whatever exercise he's missing from swim training. Hopefully, he can again join the training of the school varsity next year.


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