a day late

26 December 2010


Merry Christmas
... better late than never
belated Merry Christmas everyone!

christmas gift for grandpa

19 December 2010

My Dad is a chain smoker. I have been thinking of ordering cigars that I saw online but decided not to. RJ is asthmatic and second-hand smoke is also not good for our health. RJ needs to nebulize upon returning home, after every weekend visit to my Dad, because of continuous coughing after inhaling cigarette smoke.

So this is what he got, gave it to him already, for Christmas...



I am at NAIA 3 right now with my son. Our 1235 pm Cebu Pacific flight is delayed. Not just our flight, actually, other flights are also delayed. RJ ate a donut on the way to our gate but has not eaten lunch yet. My Aunt said Cebu Pacific doesn't have free snacks like other airlines.

This is my first time to fly via Cebu Pac and there won't be a next time. I've never experienced a delayed flight with any other airline before.

Very disappointed.

trying to break a world record

15 December 2010

The Philippines again tried breaking a world record the past two days. The event was held at Diliman Preparatory School in Quezon City. The Peace and Unity swimming event challenged a Guinness world swimming record for most number of swimmers in a non-stop 24-hour marathon relay.

RJ was invited by his coach, in one of the swim club where he's a member, a few weeks back. But because I have to make some last minute Christmas shopping this weekend, before going home to the province for a vacation, RJ was not able to join. I'm pretty sure he would have gotten a good tan while waiting for his turn to swim. His Dad has been teasing him that he doesn't look macho because he's not tanned anymore. RJ has stopped swimming this school year because of school service problem.

Next year he will go back to swimming. And next year, he'll be with thousands of swimmers beating another world record.

first time ever

We always use Philippine Airlines (PAL) in all our domestic travels. But because of the on-going problems of the airline with its employees, I was hesitant to book our flight with them for our trip to the province this Christmas break.

Cebu Pacific

We're flying home via Cebu Pacific, for the first time, for the holidays. I hope I don't experince anything bad with them because I've nothing but praises for PAL customer service.

at last I can relax

I can't wait for RJ's Christmas break. Just 3 more days and we're flying home to the province. I can't wait to relax and leave all the stress here in Manila. I miss sitting on our comfortable living room chairs while watching television.

RJ is even more excited than me. He can hardly wait for his christmas vacation to start. He has lots of things planned for his vacation.

Santa, a laptop will do

10 December 2010

RJ was holding a brochure of customized laptops and asked me if he can have one. That was a few months back when we were shopping for early Christmas gifts in a nearby mall. Of course I won't buy him one, he does not need one for himself...yet.
"I'll buy you a laptop once you need it for school work. You can always borrow mine."

I just hope he doesn't include it on his Christmas list. Because I already include it on my wish list this Christmas! Santa, I need a new laptop. Thanks in advance!

just like crop rotation

08 December 2010

"Can I have porkchops for lunch next week?", my son asked me last night.

"So we're through with fried chicken?"

My picky eater son has a suggestion. "Why not prepare something different every week for my lunch. Do it like crop rotation, new dish every week."

lunch baon: chicken balls with homemade gravy
 "Well, it's hard to do that with you because most of the time you don't like new dishes. So I just stick with those that you'll surely eat. So starting this week, tell me what you want for your weekly lunch so I can include it on my weekly grocery list."

I hope this will solve our problem of too much left over food in his lunchbox.*fingers crossed*

sadness much!

06 December 2010

I wasn't able to attend my college friends's yearly get together. RJ has a lot of scheduled quizzes and long tests. I know that he's ready to take the tests without studying, I nevertheless reviewed with him the whole weekend. I was so stressed out. I was only able to relax when I was very sure he'll really ace the tests.
I was even dying to see if one of my friend's boyfriend has finally popped the question! I think I saw him tagged by a Wedding Jewelry store in a social networking site.

Next year I will be present. Hopefully RJ will be quizzes-free during the scheduled get-together next year.

how to clean your child's belly button

01 December 2010

Scrubbing once won't make a belly button clean. A daily dose of TLC will surely do the trick. When my son was in preschool, I started cleaning his belly button with what I use to clean mine. I actually want to do it earlier, as soon as the umbilical cord fell off, but thought it can wait when he's old enough. Old enough for his skin to handle the solutions I use to make my belly button clean.

acne solution

The things that I use are actually not that harsh. I use alcohol, baby oil and whatever acne solutions I have. I don't use it all at the same time. I use whatever tickles my fancy at that particular time. After taking a bath, I put a small amount on a cotton bud. Then gently scrub the creases, where dirt usually accumulates, of the belly button. A small amount with a gentle scrubbing usually does the trick -squeky clean belly button!

how unconditional is your love?

What is unconditional love? Is it loving someone without anything in return? Without anything at all? If that's what unconditioal love is for YOU, then you're just plain naive. You'll just end up getting hurt and disrespected. For me, unconditional love is loving someone "with some conditions".


As a mom, I impose and expect my son to be obedient, respectful and to love me back unconditionally. I get hurt and I get mad at him whenever he does something that is not acceptable. But that doesn't mean that I love him less. And that doesn't mean that the love that I have for him is selfish love.

What is unconditional love for you?

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