just like crop rotation

08 December 2010

"Can I have porkchops for lunch next week?", my son asked me last night.

"So we're through with fried chicken?"

My picky eater son has a suggestion. "Why not prepare something different every week for my lunch. Do it like crop rotation, new dish every week."

lunch baon: chicken balls with homemade gravy
 "Well, it's hard to do that with you because most of the time you don't like new dishes. So I just stick with those that you'll surely eat. So starting this week, tell me what you want for your weekly lunch so I can include it on my weekly grocery list."

I hope this will solve our problem of too much left over food in his lunchbox.*fingers crossed*


chubskulit said...

Hello Manay, kumusta ka na.. It's been a while sowi for not visiting, got a bit busy...

My son is also a picky eater, good thing the daughter isn't.

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