where to find a barong

22 October 2010

Barong is the national clothing for Filipino men. It is usually required to wear this, in lieu of a suit, during formal occasions in the Philippines. Businessmen and drivers alike wore a Barong on a daily basis. The only difference in their Barong is the price because of the material used in making it. The cheapest Barong can be bought with a few hundreds to a thousand or two. Divisoria Mall, in the city of Manila, is a good place to look for a cheap one. Dresses for everyone in a wedding entourage, from bridesmaid dresses to flower girls', can be found here also.


The more elegant Barong's are usually priced from a hundred thousand pesos or less. These are usually priced higher because of the material and designs. Most of these expensive Barong's are designer-made or can be bought in high-end malls.


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