Geronimo Stilton book launch tour

22 October 2010

Geronimo Stilton, I'm Not A Supermouse

Join everybody's favorite mouse as he launches his newest book, I'M NOT A SUPERMOUSE! Bring your Geronimo Stilton books and have them signed! You'll even get FREE drinks from Chuckie!

In I'm Not A Supermouse, Geronimo's super-sporty friend Bruce Hyena decides that he needs to help Geronimo learn to keep calm in extreme situations. Bruce puts Geronimo to the test through encounters with scary animals and weather conditions ranging from the desert to the North Pole. After Bruce's crazy training, a natural weather disaster occurs on Mouse Island. Will Geronimo prove that he truly is a super mouse?

Geronimo Stilton #43: I'm Not A Supermouse is only available in National Book Store branches.


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