looking for swim club

12 October 2010

I am looking for a new swim club for my son. Preferably, a team that trains during the weekend.

RJ is part of his school's swim varsity since his preschool years. But the school pool has been under renovation and RJ hasn't attended swim training for a few months already. He's been having cough and colds, every month, since August. Not swimming is the cause of his low immune system.

I've learned today that the pool is done and ready for the swimmer's daily training in the school's newly renovated swimming area.


My problem now is the school services' unwillingness to pick us up after swim training. There are two possible solution to this problem. One: transfer to a new school bus and look for a tutor near the school if RJ still wants to join the swim team. Two: Not join swim team in school and look for a new team that trains during weekends only.

I thus have to weigh the pros and cons of each of the possible solutions...ASAP.


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