in the future...

12 October 2010

My son and I always try to find the time to play and goof around before going to sleep. We invent our own games. One such game is what we call "In the future".

We basically take turns in making a sentence out of the "in the future" phrase. We use our imagination in making a sentence of what the world's future will be. Sounds like a boring game? Not! This game makes my son laugh so hard. An example of an "in the future" sentence about tech jobs: "In the future, people will just stare at the computer and the computer will already do what the person is thinking."

Ok, fine. Not funny for you maybe, but the laugh that my son and I share...priceless.


march on... said...

this looks like a fun game. it's great bonding time plus brings out the creative part of you :)

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