taal volcano adventure

17 September 2010

Summer of last year, we decided to have a little adventure. I have been reading good reviews about Taal Volcano trekking and horseback riding. I have never tried riding a horse before -so yes, I was so excited. I chose Taal Lake Yacht Club as the starting point of our Taal trek adventure. The club has a package that includes lunch, tour guide, outrigger boat and the horse for the climb up the volcano.

I didn't enjoy this adventure at all.

They gave a small horse for RJ. His guide is 10 years old, but he looks like he's only 8 years old. I didn't know that the path going up to view the volcano was very steep. And yes, very dusty! They were selling facemasks for a price of 3-4 small bottles of mineral water already.

When we finally reached the top, there was no feeling of fulfillment at all. For me, it was just a waste of time and money! Yes, it was windy at the top. Yes, finally I was able to see Taal Lake and Taal Volcano with my own eyes. But really, there was never a "Wow!" moment for me. 

RJ, on the other hand, was so happy riding the horse. I had a dozen heart-stopping moment during that trek, but RJ liked it so much. He was oblivious to the dangers we were facing. For him, it was a thrilling experience. Not for me. I will never dream of being an equestrian.


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