i think rj wants to be a dentist

01 August 2010

I am heartbroken.

RJ accidentally broke his left incisor tooth, which incidentally unfortunately is a permanent tooth already. The not-a-baby-tooth-anymore tooth! Just looking at this picture makes me want to cry!

broken incisor tooth

And it's all because of a rainbow lollipop! I seldom buy him candies and his first rainbow lollipop caused him an early false tooth!
All of his baby teeth, that got replaced with permanent teeth, were all pulled out by Dr. RJ. It was okay with me then because those were wiggling already before he pulled them out. He wasn't comfortable with a wiggly tooth in his mouth. This permanent-tooth-accident is another story.


chubskulit said...

Ouch, ang ganda pa naman ng teeth ni RJ.. Hala next time mayo ng lolly ha?

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