the most unprofessional people in this country

01 July 2010

... the maids!

I recently hired a maid, after 9 years of not having one. I don't really need one actually, I am a certified multi-tasking-mama. But because I wanted to concentrate on blogging, heck I have been missing lots of opportunities and tasks, I decided to give it a try. Although deep in my heart I know that this is going to be the worst decision that I will make this year.

Everything went smoothly the first week. Who wouldn't love a job that only requires 2 hours of work? RJ doesn't have school yet, at that time, so I just asked her to clean the house and she's free to go afterwards. Did I mention she's a stay-out maid?

When school started already, I told her to just be in the house at 9 AM. She has two kids and as a mom myself I know that she wants to bring her kids to school herself. She was always late.

I have to pick up my son everyday from school. She has the house all to herself from 1:45 PM until 5:00 PM. When I open the front door at 5:00 PM, that is also her cue to wake up from her deep sleep. She sleeps the whole time I am out of the house.

To cut the long story short, she didn't report to work since yesterday. When I tried calling her, she turned off her phone. She still owe me money. I gave her an advance salary. Stupid me. She said she doesn't have money to buy school materials for her kids.

I will never, ever get a maid! They are all liars.

maid, multi-tasking mama

Well, this is going to be me for the next century. I get to exercise (mopping the floor, doing the laundry, etc). And I will have peace of mind.


Cacai M. said...

Right on. I am with you. That is why when I read a blog somewhere from Malaysia author or Singapore told that he heard about the maids, the gardener and alike will also have to be educated, I mean they also have to be trained and go to school just like anyone else, and he laughed at it. And he ask what could the reader/s' comment about it. I answered, I go with what you read. If any means and ways that would make their work good and professional in dealing other people or their employers, that is great! Everyone is important especially in doing jobs and handling any other human, so whatever work one has, for me, they should be trained properly. And yes, I got what you said. It's been very hard when the other party won't mean what they said and do their job. Thanks for sharing. ~hugs~

Teresa Martinez said...

Sometimes it is much easier to do things ourselves rather than rely on others. It is just that we all have our physical and time limitations especially being parents.

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