MMR plus chicken pox vaccine side effects

02 June 2010

RJ was practically begging me today (and was trying to make tears fall from his eyes last night) not to go to his allergologist for his MMR shot.

I was almost ready to drag him out of the house but these articles changed my mind:
He had MMR vaccine years ago. I wanted to make his shots up-to-date and asked his pediatrician-allergologist for Hepa-A vaccine. The doctor said, "Let's make his MMR shots up-to-date first." I said ok. I called the next day to ask for the price, I almost fainted when her secretary said Php 3000.

I was asking for a discount but the secretary said, "The vaccine is for MMR-Chicken Pox already that is why it is a bit expensive." Before leaving today, I tried researching about the said vaccine. Got scared when I read the articles.

Do you think I made the right decision?


Golden said...

I think you did the right decision. Jam's done with the MMR and chicken pox vax. I agree, vaccines are really expensive.

Lots of love,

msmani said...

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you


rjs mama said...

@msmani - click the link in the post for more details :)

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