stock investor at 8 years old

31 May 2010

citisec online application

I started investing in mutual funds a few years back. I even encouraged my sisters to invest also. They gave in, after hours of my non-stop talking about investing, stocks, etc. Then I got curious with "playing the market" on my own, I opened an online stock account.

This month, I opened another stock account with another online stockbroker. I became excited because the market is now recovering. I asked the agent to make it an ITF (in trust for) account for my son. They delivered the application form and after 5 months (I got so busy with other things, like umm blogging) I called and asked their messenger to pick up the signed forms.

We opened a joint account by the way, because ITF is not available withthe said online stockbrokerage firm.


chubskulit said...

That's a good investment Manay, kami ngani ang mga junakis mi mas may atik pa kesa samu lol.. When they were born kaya we started a MF for them..

Oiist sensya na ngunyan na lang naman ako nakavisit, supah busy.. Join ka sa giveaway ko ha..

seth said...

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Need your support, badly! Thanks!

Dropping by from BC Bloggers :-)

Admin said...

wow..investing in stocks online at 8 is amazing.

Christina said...

Wow good for you. I really dont know how to invest in that..

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