my verdict: shrek forever after

23 May 2010

Shrek Forever After

We were supposed to watch Ironman and try out Winema last Thursday. But as soon as my son's eyes made contact with "Shrek" in the movie list, I found myself saying "2 tickets for Shrek, please" to the cashier.

Yes, one will indeed learn something valuable at the end of the movie. But overall, this fourth film in the franchise, will not get my blockbuster-seal-of-approval. I was expecting a lot more, especially since this is the last Shrek film.

The "funny moments" in the movie were not that funny anymore. Why? All were already shown in the trailer.

I hope they change their mind and make another film in the franchise. I love all previous Shrek movies and this last one definitely disappointed me so much.


Ailee Verzosa said...

can't wait to watch shrek too!!!

zek said...

I wish I can watch movies too in cinemas. I'm only 9 months old. Mom won't allow me.

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