what soap is the best for baby's skin?

19 April 2010

The picture tells it all, my son only use Dove soap. Not just for his body, but also for his hair. Except for days when he has swim training, he needs to wash his hair with shampoo to remove all the chlorine from his hair.

And yes, I am a big fan too. I have tried other soaps, yes I did! But I still keep coming back to using Dove soap. It doesn't dry up my skin, that's why I love it! My skin becomes so dry and flaky when I use other soaps. 

So yes, I recommend Dove soap for your baby's skin to always look and feel like a baby's skin. 

Not just for babies but for the whole family as well. 


Chris said...

Dove is my answer!

twinkoolet said...

and the price is very reasonable too. :)

Connie said...

Yes, Dove is a good choice. I also recommend Aveeno baby wash :)


Tetcha said...

I've tried Dove, too, on my son on several occasions, and it's okay. However, we're used to Johnson & Johnson's products (top-to-toe wash, bedtime bath, etc.).

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