parents, listen to your children

22 April 2010

Because you're the parent does not mean that you know everything. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't listen. Being a parent doesn't mean that you're the only person allowed to talk. You have to let your kids voice out their own opinions. It doesn't mean that your child is disrespecting you, except when it was said in a disrespecting way.

If you still think that you're right, put yourself outside of the situation. Only then will you be able to see the whole picture. Only then will you solve the problem.


Mommy4Life said...

I agree fully. I have a 13, 12, and a 4 year old and you have to listen to your kids.

JENIE=) said...

Very true. in my 4 years of being a mother, very early indeed, i have learned that it's not always us who can do the talking and asking for apology. What we need, is also their needs and vice versa. they learn and so do we, they sometimes go wrong and so do we...etc.

life round meNyou

Golden said...

I agree with this. We parents should listen to our children. Listening enables us parents to have an effective communication with our children.

Lots of love,

Mommy Pehpot said...

I love playing mommy and friend at the same time.. though busy with chores and other things, i always try to make time to listen to what they have to say.. but sometimes it can be a bit challenging as I have 4 kids and I only have two ears! ahahaha

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