teach your child to pray

04 October 2009

My son can already pray the Lord's Prayer, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be at the age of 2. He joins the family in doing our nightly prayer everyday.

He attends a Chinese-Catholic school. Last year when he was in first grade, he was the only one in his class who knows the prayers mentioned above.

Now that he's in second grade, in his Christian Living Education class, they are asked to memorize the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Last night, he led the praying of the rosary in the house. I am so proud of him. I hope he continues to be a prayerful person. This, I believe, will make him grow into a good man.


chubskulit said...

My daughter can't sleep without me saying the Lord's prayer with her..

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Nagbisita ako digdi kan saro dai ko nahihiling word verification.. Sana manay tanggalon mo na lang ang WV hehehe..

Anonymous said...

yes its good to teach your child how to pray. I still remember the prayer that my mom taught me when I'm still a child and I'm still saying that prayer every night aside from my other prayers :)

Pia said...

thank you for praying. God is good.

Marianne said...

Wow!!! i'm amazed that your child can say Lord's Prayer at age of two.

I think parents should teach their child how to pray as early as possible. It's very discouraging that now a days children are no longer as prayerful as what we are in our days...

I'm glad you taught your son how to do it.

Princess Sarah said...

Yes, I agree, prayer is necessary for all of us. And we also need to teach our children how to pray. During night time we always pray as a family.
Thanks Mommy for this reminder. Thank you also for the visit.


Sharon said...

We do morning prayers, and our 18 month old is learning to say AMEN! He only does animal noises, so the fact that he's getting to learn AMEN is pretty exciting!

Winchester said...

It's great to know that at an early age, your son knows the importance of prayer.

i have an award for you, sis !


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