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02 October 2009

I have mentioned on my other blog that we have a very messy bookshelf in our house right now. A few days ago, I asked my son to check if there are books in his collection that can already be given to his younger cousins.

This is one way of asking him to fix his side of the bookshelf because I got tired of always telling him to put his books in the bookshelf properly.

He is asthmatic so I asked him to wear a mask because the inner side of the bookshelf was a little dusty already. I guess that's where he put the books that he doesn't like to read anymore.

He did a great job of sorting his books. He was able to give a bag full of books to my sister's kids.

Now, he has free space in the bookshelf. He can buy more books that is appropriate for his age.

He now read "novels". That's what he call books without pictures.

I hope his side of the bookshelf looking organized won't just be for this week. Now, it's my turn to clean my side of the shelf.


klivengood said...

it is still payingpost sis. sa payingpost ka pa rin mag lo-log in.

TY sa comment sis.


Erin Bassett said...

What an awesome way to get him to clean up & to help others at the same time!!

Love that he is reading "novels"...I used to teach reading & seeing that spark when children "get it" and love it is neat!!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

chubskulit said...

very nice tip manay, iba talaga pag ina ang nagaturo ano.. uning panganay ko grabe ang eagerness to learn household chores and other stuff..
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sigrid @ lovingly mama said...

Good idea about the mask sis. I think I will let Dindin wear a mask so that she can help me dust our shelves. :D

jared's mum said...

teaching our children to be responsible ought to be at the top of our lists as mums! that technique of yours is a really sly + cool way to go about it. as for me, i have colorful boxes at home to hold my little ones toys. it also makes cleaning after a fun + stress-free activity as the little one would readily volunteer to clean up after play! ;)

les said...

good boy to help out his mom clean the boookshelf. teaching our kids to be responsible is the least we can do for them. they need to realize that we won't be around forever.

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