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05 August 2009

After buying a new bicycle in Cartimar a few months back, we decided to look around hoping to find more good finds. Cartimar is a place in Manila, Philippines where very affordable things are sold. Plants, vegetables, fruits, bicycle parts, pets; name it, they have it. We found our way on the lane where pets are being sold. Aquarium fishes, hamsters, turtles, birds. Then my son saw a baby golden retriever.

"I want a dog, Mama."

"Sorry, you can't have a dog. Let's just buy a fish or a turtle for you."

My son is asthmatic, he also has allergic rhinitis. He had it when he was just one year old. I feel sad that he can't have a pet dog like any boy his age. But prevention is better than cure, right? So he has to avoid things that can trigger his asthma attack.

Is there a dog asthmatic kids can have for a pet? Maybe you, yes you reading my post right now, can answer my question. The information you will give will be greatly appreciated.


pehpot said...

ah I don't think there is a dog that is OK for kids with asthma..

anyways, ang gusto ko lang sa Dad' siopao at guinataan haha

Make or Break

pehpot said...

Mommy I am following you na ha.. follow me back din hehe

Make or Break

Seiko said...

I am an asthmatic too but we have a dog in the house.I am much allergetic in cats.Kawawa naman si RJ,but it's for his own good & my heart is aching upon reading this,I know how he feels of wanting to have a dog pet in the house.I guess you should ask an advice to his doctor.

jenie said...

if im not mistaken, even the dog's pee affects asthmatic people...that is if really is asthma and not just allergies.

you may consult allergologists for safer comments=)

in my opinion, who once had childhood asthma, i can forego such "wishes" if it meant not going through those asthma attacks. maybe...find him another hobby?=)

Momma Bams said...

i didnt know that dogs do affect asthmatic kids. Akala ko pusa lang. I hope your son RJ gets rid of his asthma someday, i had asthma daw when i was a kid, although i dont remember how i was, pero now wala na...

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