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05 August 2009

Our Mitsubishi L-300 van has been sitting in the garage for some years already because of some defective parts. One major component that needs replacement is the steering rack . It is very important to have high quality replacements to ensure safety in driving especially since my son is always with me wherever I go. A few months back, we started looking for suppliers of high quality automobile parts. has a wide variety of high quality steering racks, be it power or manual steering, that are very affordable. Primarily, they just cater to major dealers of car supplies and accessories. Lately though, they started supplying directly to the public.

Log on to their
website to browse their Specialty and Performance Catalog.


Rosa said...

Hi, sis.. thanks for visiting my site. Hmm, diko alam pwedi pala makita blog sa sp? Anyway, link ex tau? let me know if you are interested. Thanks

Golden said...

That website seems interesting. Sayang, wala kasi kami car eh. Probably that website will be of use to me in the future. *wink*

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