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01 August 2009

I started blogging more than 3 months ago. Since I'm using a free blogging service, the features offered are somewhat limited. Although I am satisfied with what I'm using right now, the space will eventually ran out and I then have to put up my own site.

As early as now, eventhough I don't need it yet, I began searching for a domain web hosting service that can host my personal website. I basically need a web host that is reliable, affordable and has good technical support.

When I searched online, the results page showed hundreds of domain web hosting providers. How will I be able to compare all the providers based on my requirements? Luckily for me, I found a website that has an extensive list of different web hosting providers.

Using the services of WebHostingRating will definitely save you valuable time in searching the internet for a web hosting provider. As I have said, you can find here a list of different web hosting services that even has a link to each of the web host provider's website.

It won't be difficult to compare the prices, services and features offered by the different web hosting services since independent customer feedbacks and ratings are also available on WebHostingRating. Ratings are also categorized for better searching. For example, Unix users can compare unix web hosting providers in its own category separate from windows web hosting providers.

If you're a newbie in web development, there are articles on the website that you will find useful. Do check out WebHostingRating, your search for a web host provider will be a piece of cake.


chubskulit said...

matud yan manay, limisted talag ang opps pag blogspot ang url mo... kaso kung madomain ka, mawara kaan an PR mo ..

Seiko said...

I have a friend looking for this,gonna tell it to her.Thanks for sharing this.:)

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