online book club

02 June 2009

My son loves reading so much. He reads anything from K-zone (his fave magazine) to Geronimo Stilton books. He loves borrowing prehistoric books from his school library (though he has lots of dinosaur books already in the house).

I am planning to join an online book club. This online book club was featured on a television show last week. It is a social networking site like friendster or facebook, but it caters to people who love reading. It is a website for book lovers.

Once a member, you can create your own bookshelf to show the books that you have read as well as books that you would love to own. You can also meet new friends, who like you also love reading books. You can invite your blogger friends, and your non-blogger friends, to join the online book club by adding a widget on your blog's main page.

I will check if my son can join also, he is only 7 years old. Will give you more details. Later.


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