Ben 10 Alien Force

01 June 2009

My son likes Ben 10 Alien Force so much he chose it to be his 8th birthday theme. This is different from Ben 10, another cartoon series in Cartoon Network. In Ben 10 Alien Force, the character Ben is already 15-years old. In Ben 10, the main character is just 10 years old and he has different DNAliens.

Since this show is fairly new here, it is hard for me to find things with Ben 10 Alien Force that I need for the party. What I'm going to do is DYI everything from the invites to the giveaways.

I'm done with the invites already. I'm thinking of printed shirts for the giveaways. Still have to design it as well as the tarpaulin & standee. But I can't find a printer that accepts 30-40 shirts only for printing. Can anybody recommend one that doesn't charge so much?


Rose said...

Advance Happy birthday sa anakis mo. Last yr Ben 10 din ang favorite ng anak ko, pero ngyon spiderman, batman at recently Transformers. Kaloka!

vivapinay said...

good luck for your Ben 10 Alien Force party prep. Ben 10 din ang theme ng eldest ko last February but only done in schoool kaya no worries.

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