May pagasa pa ba sa PAGASA?

06 June 2009

Classes were postponed today in Metro Manila at around 5AM, when most kids are already on their way to school. This is not the first time DepEd made a late announcement. Yesterday, they made the announcement at noon already. Day before yesterday, they postponed classes at 3PM, right when dismissal bell is going to ring already.

When my son was still in preschool, I was so *toot-toot* when I heard DepEd's announcement that classes were postponed for that day. I almost fell out of the school service because it was so unbelievable that they didn't know it was raining hard the previous night. Why make the announcement when everybody was in school already?

News reports today said that PAGASA announced to expect more rain today. More rain today compared with the past two days? Why then was I able to do the laundry and dry it under the heat of the sun. I didn't even use the dryer today. Yes, it did drizzle in the morning. Rained a bit in the afternoon and rained in the evening. But more rain today compared with yesterday and the day before that? No way!


Nobe said...

sana naman agahan nila ang pagsasabi if postposned ang klase. kawawa ang mga bata at mga magulang niyan.


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