bedtime story no more??

26 May 2009

Eversince my son was a baby, I always read a bedtime story for him. He likes reading, he loves books so much. He himself say that he is a bookworm.

He was given a slot in his schools swimming team 2 years ago, when he was still in prep level. At that time, he was still in the morning class. 11am until 330pm was our time to read a book, play word games, puzzles, he play with his toys, he also draw and paint. We go back to his school for training at 4pm and we stay there until 7 pm.

Last year, bedtime story sessions doesn't happen everyday. Classes end at 220 pm, only 1.5 hours to do all his homework, study for a scheduled quiz for the next day (if there's any)... then we had to rush to his swim training.

I do allow him to go to the library everyday. I am very proud that he can read and understand books without a single picture illustration anymore at 6 years old. Before bedtime, he reads a book by himself while waiting for me to finish household chores. Sometimes, he requests that I read a bedtime story for him. Most of the time though we don't finish the whole book because he has to sleep already.

Today though was different. I was able to read a book to him without cutting off the rest of the story. He went to sleep happy.

I hope I can read another bedtime story for him tomorrow...and the next day...and the day after that...


Gel said...

your kid'll turn out smart. ganun daw pag mahilig magbasa eh :)

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