Programming for Kids

20 February 2013

Finally, I was able to find a way to steer my son away from his video games. Although it's just for a short period of time each day, some days not, but still it's a few hours. Okay, sometimes just for a few minutes but I'm confident he'll like it more in the next few weeks.

Computer programming. Coding for kids.

Yes, he's learning how to code. Not Java but simple codes that even a preschooler will enjoy doing.

Out of the many online and downloadable programming tools that teaches coding for kids, here's two that worked for him: - a web-based programming platform with basic to advanced programming tutorials. The platform is very interactive.

Kodu - is a visual, drag and drop, programming language for creating games made by Microsoft.

I just found out about codecademy's codeyear, a perfect project for RJ's summer break. I'll sign up too! I might have an e-commerce site up and running before the end of summer vacation! Wish us luck!


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