new guitar

27 July 2012

RJ loves playing the guitar. I enrolled him in guitar class last summer vacation. He’s actually good and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom.


For his ECA (extra curricular activities) class in school, he chose to join the guitar class. There were other activities that he could have joined for free. But because I can see the potential, his talent in guitar playing is obvious and he’s very enthusiastic to learn more, I decided that Php8,000 for a whole years fee will be worth it.

The teacher though told him that he needs a bigger guitar. As long as he’s happy and using the talents that God gave him, I’ll support him in any way I can. So we’ll buy a new guitar tomorrow.

wrong discipline

26 July 2012


RJ's old bike, which we bought three years ago, was too small for him already. We went to Cartimar a few weeks back and he chose a blue bike. He's a good swimmer, he already joined a 5K run and he now loves to bike, I can't wait for his first triathlon!




It's not safe to go biking in our street so we went to Rizal Park two Sunday's ago for RJ to be able to try out his new bike. There were still a a lot of people, resting after a fun run, when we arrived. There was this group sorting out empty plastic bottles. They collected the bottles which the runners just threw on the park ground. How hard is it to find a trash can? You'd think that these runners are disciplined people, well most of them are not! I will make another post about this.


Back to my story. The sorters has a little boy with them. He's around 2-3 years old, I think, his height was my son's height when he was three. I was getting annoyed with this boy actually because whenever he see RJ, he'll bike going perpendicular to RJ's direction. RJ even fell off his bike one time because he was trying to avoid the boy. The parents never told the little boy to stop, even when they saw that he's causing danger to himself and my son.


Another boy arrived. The boy with the bike let the other boy use his bike. All of a sudden I saw the dad, of the boy with the bike, get one of his slippers and hit the boy (owner of the bike). "Why did you let him borrow?", this he said while he kept hitting the boy's behind. "He will just destroy your bike, don't ever let anyone borrow it again!"


What kind of discipline was that? He was teaching his son to be greedy.


I'm afraid to even think what other "lessons in life" he teach this poor boy and his other kids. The government spends a lot of money teaching people in the poor area about family planning. These same people are also ignorant in teaching their children about good values and right conduct. The government should also educate these people about parenting.

Laser Tag at Lazer Maxx

14 July 2012

RJ had his post birthday party at Lazer Maxx in Greenhills last friday. A game at Lazer Maxx is Php190 -not cheap since each game only last for 15 minutes. So we had an agreement that he and his friends can only play 2 games of laser tag.

I was planning on Mind Museum, because he already attended two laser tag parties in the past and I'm not too keen on the idea of "playing with toy guns", but agreed on a laser tag party after having the "talk about guns" with him.

Lazer Maxx Greenhills

Out of the twelve friends he invited, seven was able to attend. Understandable that they don't want to brave rush hour traffic in the Greenhills area, on a friday at that, because we ourselves were late for the 6PM slot that I reserved at Lazer Maxx.

A laser tag game can accommodate 24 people, divided into two to three teams. Before the game, participants enter the briefing room where they watch a video on how to play and rules of the game. They then proceed in the vesting area, where they put on their vests and were divided into teams. Our agreement was two games but one of RJ's friends gifted him with one more round of laser tag game for the group. The friend wanted to spend Php4000, his savings from his allowance, but it was getting late, they were all tired and I don't want him to spend all his money so they agreed on one last game.

We had late dinner after the game, already around 9PM, at a nearby KFC. RJ and his friends had so much fun they still talked about the party when they went back to school on Monday. And RJ wants another party next year.

Lazer Maxx

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