Setting Up a Pawnshop Business Seminar

25 February 2012

I pass by this place, everyday when I bring my son to his Chinese tutor, that conducts seminar on setting up a pawnshop business. The Gemologist is actually the mom of two girls who I used to tutor.

pawnshop business

I have no idea how to distinguish a fake jewelry from a real one so I'm really interested to enroll in this seminar. My tutees once told me that the students who enroll gets to learn interesting things about precious stones. They also advice what stores are reputable online.

One of these days, I will be one of the students in that class.

Musically and Artistically Talented

When my son was in his early years of grade school, he used to love composing his own songs. Then PSP happened. His mind is always occupied by games on his gadgets whenever he doesn't have school work.

Music and art, once his favorites, took the back seat. I am so disappointed. But that doesn't stop me from reminding him every single day to draw something or write a new song.

kid playing guitar

How I would love to see him practice his talents on his own free will again. 

Movie Updates


So, the new poster for Marvel’s The Avengers is already out. And the trailer for the new Bourne franchise, The Bourne Legacy, can already be seen on YouTube.


The Avengers


So excited the watch these two films. I’m sure my son would watch Marvel’s The Avengers with me. Most, if not all, of the Marvel Super Heroes are there so there’s really no way he’ll say No to this movie.

fried, boiled, poached

14 February 2012

One of my sons favorite food - egg. It doesn’t matter if its for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When he doesn’t like what I cooked, usually when it has lots of vegetables, he’ll politely ask me to cook eggs for him. He doesn’t like to hurt my feelings so he pretends that he does like what I cooked but is craving for eggs at that time. He’s such a sweet boy.

He doesn’t like it fried so I usually prepare boiled eggs for him. He likes it slightly mashed with tomatoes. I tried poached egg last time. He liked it but not as much as boiled eggs. Also cooked egg drop soup today and he likes it (cook this also when I have a cold, Mama).  Is there any other way to cook egg?

poached egg
On a side note, here’s one tip to make sure that tap water in your house is safe for cooking and drinking: buy a gadget like ph meters to test the acidity and alkaline level of your tap water. If you live in a condominium, you can ask for a copy of certification, from your city’s water department, from your building manager.

wanted: new TV


I need to buy a new television. Our Kolin television has served its purpose for 7 years. Been giving some hints for the past months that it wants to retire already. There are times when the screen just turns blue and the audio stops as well. Very frustrating when it happens. Especially when I'm watching an interesting news or one of my favorite show.




I want a LED-backlit LCD TV. Although much more expensive than the regular LCD television, I'll be able to save more in the long run because it consume less power. I want one that can be mounted on the wall, planning to give away the tv stand to free up some space in the living room area.


I’m waiting for an appliance sale because my son definitely want the new tv to have 3D support and internet connectivity.

Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition

11 February 2012

So I'm watching Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition. How amazing are these kids! They can combine ingredients that you'll never dream, for non-chef like me anyway, of putting together in one dish. And the plating, wow! The dishes the kids prepared looks so yummy!

junior masterchef pinoy edition

Did I mention that I'm preparing dinner while watching the show? Fish nuggets. How I wish I have a talent for cooking to turn this Pangasius fillet into a more delectable dish.

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