fried, boiled, poached

14 February 2012

One of my sons favorite food - egg. It doesn’t matter if its for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When he doesn’t like what I cooked, usually when it has lots of vegetables, he’ll politely ask me to cook eggs for him. He doesn’t like to hurt my feelings so he pretends that he does like what I cooked but is craving for eggs at that time. He’s such a sweet boy.

He doesn’t like it fried so I usually prepare boiled eggs for him. He likes it slightly mashed with tomatoes. I tried poached egg last time. He liked it but not as much as boiled eggs. Also cooked egg drop soup today and he likes it (cook this also when I have a cold, Mama).  Is there any other way to cook egg?

poached egg
On a side note, here’s one tip to make sure that tap water in your house is safe for cooking and drinking: buy a gadget like ph meters to test the acidity and alkaline level of your tap water. If you live in a condominium, you can ask for a copy of certification, from your city’s water department, from your building manager.


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