Fact: Playing Sports Can Make You Stronger

23 November 2012

It's a proven fact that playing sports can make a person strong and healthy. My son's asthma attacks were at its worse when he was between 1 to 2 years old. But when he started visiting a Pediatrician Allergologist doctor and engaged in different sports activities, his attacks slowly lessened in frequency.

The sports that he has tried throughout the years: soccer, basketball, biking, swimming, running, volleyball and arnis.

The most intense training he has experienced is in swimming. He was a member of his school's swim team for a few years but had to stop because the school service doesn't want to make a special trip for him, which reminds me that I really need to have the courage to drive in Manila already. His team trains for 2hours everyday after school. He has experienced training under very heavy rain, when us in the bleachers can't see them in the pool anymore. Their pool doesn't have a heater, no pool heat pumps, but I don't worry about that because their body heat is enough to make the kids not feel cold.

This month, he went back to playing soccer. And swimming after school, before going to his Chinese tutor, in our condo's pool.

He hasn't had an asthma attack this year. And I'm very sure that playing sports has helped his respiratory health, and of course his overall health, a lot.


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