Bookworm Through and Through

29 June 2012

My son is a certified bookworm. I introduced him to the wonderful world of reading even before he can even walk by himself. I remember buying his first baby books, those made of cardboard so his chubby little hands won't crumple and destroy the pages. He's now 11 and he still very much loves to read.

Our bookshelf can't accommodate the number of books that we both have. Yes, I too am a certified book addict. I probably passed some, or maybe a whole lot of, book-lover-forever genes to him.

we need to buy another bookshelf for these books,
and a whole lot of others,  that can’t anymore fit in our bookshelf
As I've said, he started with baby books. Then he started collecting books about dinosaurs when he was around 3 years old. His fascination with dinosaurs hasn't actually stopped yet. He still read his dinosaur books from time to time but he doesn't collect dinosaur toys and books anymore. One of his dream is to be a paleontologist someday.

He loves reading chapter books as well. He was able to finish reading all 7 Harry Potter books in less than two months! He's up to date on release dates of new addition to his favorite books. Like when there's a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, he's always first in his class to have a copy of the new book.

Because of his love for reading, he always ace his reading comprehension worksheets and quizzes. I'm one lucky mom. Unlike most of his classmates, he has high grades on his reading and language subjects so I don't have to tutor him on those subjects.

Math though is a different story. Although he's good with numbers, he doesn't like reviewing Math at all. Free worksheets that I find online (like multiplication worksheets and third grade math worksheets) keeps me sane.


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