Scholastic book fair

20 October 2011

My son's school holds an annual Scholatic book fair. The fair is currently on-going, until monday of next week. As I was browsing the books the other day, I noticed they have lots of christmas gift ideas for kids. My son, a certified bookworm, already bought two books. He's kind enough to say that he'll get the 800 pesos from his bank account. But since he's so sweet to do that, I said I'll pay for it.

i heart books

He got his love for reading from me. Definitely not from his dad who I think is allergic to books. He even wants us to throw away some books because there's no more space in the bookshelf. So his solution is not to buy a new bookshelf but to throw away some books! So RJ knows who to approach when he finds a book or magazine that he likes to buy.


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