Where to buy soccer shoes?

06 July 2011

RJ is not an Azkals’ fan but he chose to enroll in soccer club this quarter. During last Sunday's World Cup qualifying match between the Philippines and Sri Lanka, 4-0 in favor of the Philippine Azkals, he didn’t even took his eyes off the PSP even for a minute.

He did enjoy his first day in the soccer club. He’s excited for his second day today. I just don’t understand why he’s not into watching the sports on TV.

He still doesn’t have soccer shoes though. I though soccer shoes are called spikes, that’s what the coach said, but apparently it’s called soccer cleats. The term spikes is used for track and field shoes – track spikes.

soccer shoes

So back to topic, as I have said earlier, he doesn’t have soccer shoes yet. Nike and all other shoe stores either has one that is too big or too small for him. He temporarily uses his rubber shoes but he needs soccer shoes because the large studs at the bottom assists in gripping the surface, preventing sliding and assisting in rapid changes of direction.

I need to find a store that sells soccer shoes for kids.


RONE said...

Football boots for kids are hard to find here. Mizuno usually has for smaller feet.

Mommy4Life said...

Go to 'Dick's' or any big sporting goods store. I have a soon to be six year old that had Bren playing for two years and she is SO hard to find cleats for. I guarantee any big sporting goods store like Dicks and you will find the silver Nike cleats he likes, they are pretty standard. I also have my thirteen year old who had been playing soccer since she was three also. If you have any questions about soccer let me know.

les said...

boys and girls alike are affected by the Azkal fever :) Mine included

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