The greediness of school bus service owners

21 June 2011

That is very common with the school buses accredited in my son's school. They are all greedy. There are only 10 school days this June but they still charge a full fee. They are so addicted to charging too much. 
school bus owners collect huge amounts of money

It's understandable if they pay their drivers and school service assistants on a monthly basis. But no, the said employees only get paid on days when there's school. They don't get paid on holidays and when there's no school because of typhoons.

I should practice driving. I don't like giving too much money to these people.


Janice said...

Oh I so agree with you. My daughter's school bus operator also charges a full month regardless of number of school days. He doesn't even need to pay a driver because he drives the bus himself. So unfair!

Tina said...

same like ours..oh well last year.. now, we moved to a house near sa school so we dont need school bus anymore.. but you see, last year, we paid twice for the last month kasi the accredited bus service ng school biglang nagwelga ng bumili ng van ang school to handle that business. Kaya ayun, the deposit made nawala lang.. naningil ulit ang school although not obligatory kasi nga the school knew that we paid downpayment.. but then again, still we paid..

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