A Day At The Beach

07 June 2011

We went to a beach resort, 45-minute drive from our house, last Saturday. May is a rainy month on this island already but it was surprisingly very sunny that day. Swimming on the beach and building a sand castle are included on RJ’s to-do list this summer break so he was very happy that day. The water was so clear and there were small fishes swimming near the shoreline.

fun day at the beach

I was the official photographer slash videographer of the group. I was planning to upload everything that I took while we were still in the resort so everyone who wasn’t able to come can see how the kids had a great time at the beach. But aside from the fact that I forgot to bring the laptop, the resort does not have an internet connection also.

RJ wants to spend another day at the beach, a different beach. But he’s the only one in the family who’s still on vacation. The school year, in most school’s in the country, has officially opened yesterday. RJ’s school opening is on June 15. He has to wait for a school break, and for the rainy season to end -maybe in November, he can have another fun day at the beach.

kids in doodles


bonz said...

every kids loves the beach, hope your RJ had fun! ;)

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♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I think we are nearing the days when we need to go to the beach everydya. it's getting really hot in here nowadays!

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