long airport queue, i don't like

22 April 2011

I was planning to spend Holy Week in the province. But the thought of going to the airport 3 hours before the flight, to avoid the long queue at the entrance and at the check-in counter, made me decide to just buy a ticket for this coming month. People in Manila are taking advantage of the weeklong celebration of Holy Week to go home, visit their families and relax in the province.

airport queue
I learned my lesson when I went home during Christmas break. That's the first, and definitely the last time, that I'm going to book a flight during a holiday season. The flight was even delayed!

Hopefully we don't experience that on our flight in May. RJ is looking forward to one more month of fun before classes begin in June.


Mrs. Kolca said...

Going international is even worse sis. We were lucky to get a shortcut to the immig. bec. of the help of the Gulf air manager last time na flight namen. Hayyy.. kainis ang pila na yan. They don't even prioritize if you have a kid. Kelangan mo pang magpaawa effect bago ka nila unahin. Hmp!

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