i almost died today!

19 March 2011

I was hangin' on, literally, for dear life for 30 minutes. My knuckles were so white from gripping the overhead handle bar of the taxi that we're riding on. I dare not gasp everytime the taxi swerves or tries to overtake another vehicle for fear that the driver might drive more recklessly. I was ashen-faced, very dizzy and was trying hard not to vomit on the pavement by the time we reached my sister's house.

taxi, reckless driving

I already notice his reckless driving right from the start of our trip. I even told him that my son is getting dizzy already. He just nods his head and continued driving very fast. Manila taxi drivers doesn't even care for the lives of their passengers. MMDA should replace them with women drivers just like what they're doing with bus drivers.

I hope we don't have this experience during our summer trips. Because no matter how nice the place that we're staying on is, it won't be so nice at all if I get so stressed out.


Chris said...

oh.. glad you are safe!

Laikka said...

ussch..scary but good you're safe! take care..

Chew On This said...

darn those drivers! there's a lot of them. And sometimes, I tell beforehand that it's okay for them to drive fast but make sure SUAVE ang pagbreak nila.

simply kim said...

the sadder part is that... there is a lot of drivers like that.

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