RJ's view on politics

06 January 2011

Light's out for RJ is at 9 pm. We usually talk about anything and everything during that time. My dad's brother, together with his family, was visiting during christmas week. RJ asked me if my dad's cousin, who ran for senate on the May 2010 elections, will also come to visit. Then he said, "He didn't win because he's not famous."

Our conversation got diverted to politics after that comment. I got interested, and yes -amazed, with how sure he was with what he was saying. He doesn't watch the news. He has classmates who have parents and grandparents in politics, but he said they don't talk about it. Social Studies class maybe?

"Noynoy won because his mom and dad were famous. People thought that he'll be a good leader because of what his parents did for our country. I wanted him to win. But now that he's President, I don't know anymore."

Hmm. That's a 9-year old boy's view on politics.


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